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Independent Panel mooted to check Radiation Levels Nuclear Power Plants

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Panel mooted to check radiation levels

Special Correspondent

The body should be independent of nuclear establishment, says environmentalist

The DAE put 18-month target in December 2009 for acquiring land

The site selection involves study of enormous amount of field data

VISAKHAPATNAM: An expert committee, completely independent of nuclear establishment, should be set up tasked with methodology in measuring radiation levels, calculating likely radiation doses to various population groups living around various nuclear facilities.

Making this demand, environmentalist Jalagam Rama Rao in a statement said that the expert committee must be constituted under the administrative and financial control of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Ministry of Science & Technology or proposed autonomous National Environmental Protection Authority (NEPA).

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) should be kept outside the administrative and financial purview of Atomic Energy Commission, to make it effective, he said.

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India has clearance to create coast-based Nuclear Power Parks, each having six reactors of 1,000 or 1,650 MW totalling about 10,000 MW.

Likely Locations

Kovvada Matsyalesham in Srikakulam District is one of the likely locations in addition to Gujarat ( Chhayamithi Virdi), Maharashtra (Jaitapur), Tamil Nadu (Koodankulam) and West Bengal ( Haripur).

The DAE put 18-month target in December 2009 for acquiring land, pre-project activity and creating basic infrastructure at the site, with specific site clearance from the AERB, the active support from the State Governments for the land acquisition and the fast-track environmental clearance from the MOEF.

The site selection involves study of enormous amount of field data.

Land Acquisition

The land acquisition for Kovvada NPP, if already started, without the prior site clearance by AERB is irregular, he contended.

The creation of basic infrastructure without Environmental Clearance will be a violation of the provisions of Para 6 of EIA Notification of 2006.

Safe Disposal

A sustainable nuclear energy system would necessitate a closed loop of Tritium & Carbon 14, such that they never enter ecosphere. However, now their disposal was questionable, as they were being routinely discharged into sea, rivers or lakes, he said.

Government advocating nuclear power as energy security for sustainable development should come out with the facts about the risks that the people of Kovvada will face due to the nuclear reactor.

Otherwise their lives and that of those of the future generations would be at stake if the Nuclear Park is established, he concluded.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farmers, Fishermen oppose Nuclear Power Plant at Kowada in AP

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Andhra Pradesh

Friday, June 04, 2010

 Printer Friendly PageFarmers, fishermen oppose nuclear power plant plan

Ramesh Susarla

Environmentalists see threat to Srikakulam and Vizianagaram towns also

Burning issue: Environmentalist Jalagam Rama Rao eliciting views from a villager on nuclear power plant at Kovvada village in Srikakulam District.

KOVVADA (Srikakulam Dt.): The flourishing economy of this green wetland patch is in for a shock with the Centre proposing a nuclear power plant and land acquisition process set in motion.

Predominant fishing and farming community in three gram Panchayats of Ranasthalam mandal is determined to oppose the project tooth and nail. Environmentalists see threat to Srikakulam and Vizianagaram towns also, which are within the striking distance from the proposed site.

For 98-year-old Gorle Ramakrishna Naidu the news is a bolt from the blue, but he is determined to stop the project and has become the source of inspiration for more than 3,000 people on the verge of losing their livelihood for good.

Nonagenarian farmer Naidu, told a group of environmentalists led by Capt. (Retd.) Jalagam Rama Rao that the proposal had come first in 1992 "but they will build the plant only over our corpses." The environmentalist apprised the people of negative impacts of the nuclear plant for the region.

Land Acquisition

A large group of militant youth led by Mylapilli Polisu, told The Hindu that land acquisition proposals were at an advanced stage and notices could be issued to people in 2,100 acres anytime by District Collector. Detailing their efforts to save the five revenue villages around Kovvada, Mr. Polisu said they plan 'grama sabhas' in all villages to collect signatures of residents and submit a memorandum to District Collector with a copy to Nuclear Energy Regulatory Board.

Entire land identified for acquisition is fertile producing groundnut, coconuts, bananas, in addition to farmers raising teak and cashew nut plantations. Groundwater is so abundant that chillies are grown throughout year as cash crop and half of the population depends on fishing at sea, which is 500 metres from the village centre.

Angry Villagers

Emotions run high amongst the villagers whenever a team either from the Nuclear Energy plant construction wing or Revenue Department visits them to promise them 'heaven on earth' in return for surrendering their land.

At an interactive session with villagers, Capt.(Retd.) Rama Rao said that claims of all Government officials that nuclear power projects were safe was myth as their own manual prescribes no human entry within 1.5 k.m. of the reactor.

Beyond 1.5 k.m. and up to 5 k.m. it was no development zone with no compensation paid to the people, he told the gathering. But the worst scenario could be effects of radiation if any on bulk drug factories at Pydibhimavaram that was only 15 k.m. from the proposed site and within controlled development zone.





Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nuclear Power Policy of GOI - What the Hell is Going On?

                Contents of letter sent by E mail  on 24 th March to Dr.Manmohan Singh, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India



The Hon'ble  Prime Minister may recall,  that the Bench of the Supreme Court  is reported to have snubbed the Government of India (GOI) "What the Hell is going on?", when it asked about  tracking Black Money, in which Politicians, Bureaucrats, Corporates , Criminals etc are suspected to be involved.


Similarly, the People of India, who's "Right to Life", is guaranteed by The Constitution, and whose Fundamental Duty is to protect and improve  the Natural Environment, would like to know What the Hell is Going On regarding Nuclear  Power  Policy of Govt. of India?


Politics of Nuclear Power (NP) in India ?


The decision to import Nuclear Reactors itself is questionable, when India has already built about 18 Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors ( PHWR) on its own for the last 4 decades & has perfected its design  over the years of their operation.


 Going by the alleged bribes during the 2008 Trust Vote (Cash for Votes Scam) and the sustained USA pressure on the Indian Government to accelerate the 1-2-3 Agreement, the Indian NP Policy appears to have been influenced to serve the interests of USA and designed to benefit foreign MNCs – General Electric, Westinghouse and AREVA- for an estimated 40 Billion dolor business.


 It seems that the USA has found an unwitting client for its Nuclear Power Plants, which did not find market in their own country, since the 3 Mile Island Incident in 1979 . Are we putting Indian lives at risk for the sake of American jobs (which is what President Obama claimed to create during his visit to India)? Are Indian lives so cheap and you have no regard for your own countrymen?


The MNCs who provide Reactor Designs, with No or very limited liability for Nuclear Accidents like Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns are profited at our expense. Are we a testing ground for unproven foreign technologies?


 All Nuclear Power Plants with foreign technology seem to offer lucrative prospects by way of Commission for Indian Politicians, Intellectuals and Scientists. The  investment in 9900 MW Jaitapur NPP is estimated to be Rupees One Lakh Crores ( only ) (RS 10,00,00,00,00,00,000 ) . 


 Nuclear Power: Only Problems – No Solutions


 Sometimes it is important to restate the obvious ones again and again. Smoking is bad because it causes cancer and it is not good to drive drunk, because it can lead to serious accidents. Similarly, we should not opt for Nuclear Power, because it is a very Expensive, Sophisticated & Dangerous Way to Boil Water and not helpful.


Although for decades the arguments against Nuclear Power (NP) have been -and still are- strong and valid, there is an increasing group of Nuclear Companies supported by Scientists and Politicians, who say we need Nuclear Power to fight Climate Change and for Energy Security. They also claim that all the problems associated with Nuclear Power are almost solved or solved. Why do they say this, in spite of the recent Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown? Because for them, Nuclear Power means Profits, Power and Politics.


Nuclear Power (NP) is not sustainable, because it's fissile fuel materials are as limited as fossil fuels and the vast infrastructure necessary to create Nuclear Fuel-Cycle is a prodigious user of fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is not only a high-risk technology in terms of safety, but also with respect to financial investment, because without State subsidies, it does not stand a chance in the market- economy.


 Nuclear Power doesn't add up economically, environmentally or socially. and is neither the answer to modern energy problems nor a panacea for climate change challenges, Electricity is but the fleeting byproduct from Nuclear Power and the  actual product is forever deadly radioactive waste, which needs to be isolated from the biosphere for thousands of years that defy human imagination. Even 21 st century Science has no answer for safe disposal of Nuclear Waste.


Do We Need 8, 00,000 MW Capacity by 2031-32?


 Based on an unrealistic/unscientific assumption that economic vitality requires steadily increasing energy consumption, the total capacity of

8,00,000 MW is projected by 2031-32, which is about 5 times the present capacity.  The main focus of the power policy seems to be the use/consumption of energy with "Supply Syndrome", which is a wasteful exercise, rather than the thrust on efficient energy use & associated environmental concerns.  


The breeding ground for Nuclear Power is the inflated power demand projections and its wasteful use. As a result, total Nuclear Power capacity projected is 60,000 MW by 2031-32, which works out to be hardly 10 % of the total projected capacity.


Can we do away with 60,000 MW Nuclear Power!


Before undertaking massive increase of installed capacities at huge financial costs and enormous adverse environmental and social impacts, it is worth considering for adequate investments in Supply Side Management (SSM) and Demand Side Management (DSM) measures as "Energy Conservation" is the fastest and the cheapest way of making available Clean Energy.


As the energy conservation potential, in our high energy intensive economy, is estimated to be more than 25%, we can easily do away with the need for the projected 60,000 MW (10%) Nuclear Power. But will the powerful MNCs in Nuclear Power sector and their nexus, permit the energy conservation measures and Green Power from renewable sources to materialize?


Thrust on National Action Plan on Climate Change Required  


The Hon'ble Prime Minister launched National Action Plan on Climate Change in 2008. If only adequate priority is given  for speedy and effective implementation of National Solar Mission, National Mission for  Enhanced Energy Efficiency , National Mission on Water and National Mission on Sustainable Habitat , there will be considerable scope for energy conservation and use of green power avoiding the need for massive increase in installed capacities and doing away with Nuclear Power Plants. We need to have Energy Conservation, Solar and Wind Energy Scientists instead of the Nuclear Scientists only, as at present


Evil vs Devil   Nuclear power is not just the Evil and it is the Devil. The Evil of our own making can be overcome. The Devil cannot be overcome, not even if we ourselves conjure him into being. This is why; staking our future on Nuclear Power is a Pact with the Devil, impacting the generations far into the future.


Conclusion: Hope the Hon'ble Prime Minister has the Time, Will and Freedom to ponder over the above and to promote Energy Efficiency and Green Power on a War Footing, which make Economic, Environmental and Social sense and to put the proposed Nuclear Power Plants on hold.


 Let there be participative democracy and enlightened participation in the Policy making process on a vital issue of Nuclear Power and let it not be confined to only Politicians, Scientists and Bureaucrats.!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bhavanapadu TPP-What the Hell is going on?

The Bench of Hon'ble Supreme Court is reported to have snubbed the Government of India "What the Hell is going on?", when it asked about tracking Black Money.

Hasan Ali Tax Default

After a search, on the premises of stud-farm owner Hasan Ali, who is alleged to have billions of dollars deposit in Swiss Bank, in 2007, based on the documents in their possession, tax demand of Rs 71,846 Crore was reported to have been raised by I-T Department in December 2008. But, the endless investigations and reviews seem to be still going on, without any action to recover the tax arrears or punish the guilty!

Bhavanapadu TPP of East Coast Energy Pvt. Ltd

In spite of a number of representations made by various organizations & concerned individuals, expressing objections and apprehensions about Bhavanapadu TPP, before EC was granted and there after to MOEF GOI and AP Govt since 2008, unfortunately, MOEF, GOI has not acted till the unprovoked and uncalled for police firing took place, while the State Govt continues to remain unconcerned and unresponsive. This gives room, to doubt about another Hasan Ali behind Bhavanapadu TPP !

Swift and Decisive Action required for canceling EC and Not reviewing by EAC!

The E.C granted to Bhavanapadu TPP at the present location, based on incorrect reports/misleading data as observed by NEAA, be cancelled by MOEF and the G.O allotting Govt Wetlands to the project be cancelled by the Govt of AP, instead of going through the wasteful process of reviewing the compliance of EC conditions by EAC, which is irrelevant


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Project - Police Firing

Monday, February 28, 2011

Police firing  killing 2 innocent villagers and injuring many and setting their dwellings on fire




An Open Letter to Morgan Stanley CEO and Chairman regarding investment in East Coast Energy Private Limited

I sent an e-mail to Morgan Stanley at to make the Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley aware of the facts and realities of the Thermal power project being implemented by East Coast Energy Private Limited. I have not yet received any acknowledgment from anyone at Morgan Stanley. I am posting the letter I sent here in my blog:


Mr. John J. Mack

The Chairman,

Morgan Stanley, 1585 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Mr. James P. Gorman

Chief Executive Officer,

Morgan Stanley, 1585 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Sub: Investment of Morgan Stanley in a controversial & environmentally
damaging project in Andhra Pradesh State, India – East Coast Energy
Private Limited promoted by Asian Genco Pte Ltd

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that the Consortium led by Morgan Stanley has reportedly invested in a controversial, environmentally damaging and livelihood depriving project in Bhavanapadu village, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh State of India. The project is called East Coast Energy Private Limited a subsidiary Asian Genco Pte Ltd.

Thermal Power Project in Ecologically Sensitive Area

This is a project for setting up a 2640 MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant (Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Plant) in ecologically sensitive wetlands on the East Coast of Andhra Pradesh, India. This project is affecting the livelihoods of the local populace (small farmers and inland fisherman) in the backward rural area of Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh State. These people are surviving on meager wages and small means of living and this project has pretty much taken that away from them and threatens their livelihoods and survival..

The Important Bird Area Site (IBAS) - Telineelapuram- is within 2.5 Km from the project site, providing a habitat to a variety of migratory birds and several endangered species. All these facts were hidden or suppressed from the general public, the project evaluating authorities and potential investor groups like yours. A visit to the site would reveal all the facts and will be an eye opener.

Corporate Values

This project is being located in Wetlands of considerable ecological significance and in the close vicinity of the habitat of migratory birds, depriving the meager livelihood of small farmers and inland fishermen apart from causing ecological disaster in the area. Doesn’t this go against corporate values of Morgan Stanley and commitment to the Society? Or Morgan Stanley does not care where and how profits are generated from?

I see that the following is mentioned on your corporate website- “Morgan Stanley is dedicated to making a positive contribution to society through our focus on the environment, our communities, responsible business practices, strengthening the next generation of citizens, and our people” . I urge you to live up to your stated corporate Global Citizenship priorities by considering disassociation from this project.

Public Opposition to the Project & Repression

The local population is severely opposed to the project and has been protesting against it for over two years. However, the forces behind the project which seem to have a political clout and have a vested interest in it’s implementation, have seen to it that the opposition to the project be suppressed ruthlessly by mobilizing a massive police force. There have been several clashes which have resulted in indiscriminate, unjustified use of force and Police Firing on 28th February 2011, leading to killing of two and injuring many innocent, peaceful, unarmed protestors. The huts of these protestors were set fire as retaliation and many of them have been arrested and being terrorized. Amnesty International is reported to have urged Indian authorities to order an impartial enquiry into the Police firing

Political &Bureaucratic Nexus

The inflow of siphoned money of Political & Bureaucratic Nexus is suspected into this project, which makes it even worse. There is a need to come clean on the investor portfolio of this project and so far that does not seem to have happened. This is more disconcerting given the Corruption Scams involving Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Criminals recently, in India. Therefore, I request that the entire matter be investigated, in the right spirit, for reviewing the continuation of investments of Morgan Stanley in the project.


J. Rama Rao.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bhavanapadu Victims of Development & Corporate Terrorists


 We thank MOEF for issuing directions to the proponent of Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Project at Kakarapalli for suspension of the ongoing construction work related with the project forthwith and for taking up review of compliance of conditions of Environmental Clearance (EC) & directions of NEAA Order dated 30-08-10, by Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) dealing with Thermal Power Projects, in its meeting scheduled on 7-3-2011.


Inaction by Ministry of Environment & Forests or Collusion?

A number of representations were made by various organizations & concerned individuals, expressing objections and apprehensions about Bhavanapadu TPP at Kakarapalli, before EC was granted and there after. But unfortunately EAC ignored all the representations, including the observations of its Sub-Committee regarding the ground realities and recommended the project for Environmental Clearance in spite of overwhelming facts regarding Naupada Swamps and MoEF had chosen to issue the Environmental Clearance (EC) for the project by its Letter dated 2-4-2009.

In the 17 th Meeting of the Standing Committee of National Board for Wild Life held on 22-12-2009, under the chairmanship of the Minister for Environment & Forests , the site inspection report of Dr.Asad Rahmani and Dr, Asha Rajvanshi had clearly stated that  Naupada Swamps area was an excellent habitat for Migratory Birds and was classified as Important Bird Area (IBA). It also stated that the entire area of the project, starting from the approach road to the project site is marshy land and the EIA Report ignored Bio diversity of the area.

The National Environment Appellate Authority (NEAA) in its order dated 30-08-2010 observed that even after leaving 500 acres of land in southern portion, the remaining area, was still found to be a marshy. The Authority also observed that various reports in this regard, including that of sub-committee of EAC were found to be incorrect. The EAC and in turn the MOEF has relied on these reports for granting E.C for the project.

Justice Delayed - Justice Denied 


After a lapse of nearly two years and indiscriminate Police Firing on 28th February 2011, leading to killing of two and injuring many innocent, peaceful & unarmed protestors, and a question was raised  in  Parliament on the subject, the MOEF reacted to the situation, as if it is a fresh case. If only the MOEF had been sensitive, responsive, proactive and not yielded to political pressures, the unfortunate incident could have been avoided. As long as we do not have an independent and autonomous Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for strict enforcement of Environmental Law, we will continue to be terrorized and be the victims of GDP oriented Development and Corporate Terrorists.


Cancellation of E.C by Regulatory Authority


As the Environmental Clearance (EC) granted by MoEF to Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Project,  is based on misleading information, and suppression of the ground realities , the EC  is liable for cancellation in accordance with Paragraph 8 (vi) of EIA Notification of 2006, which stipulates deliberate concealment and/or submission of false or misleading information or data which is material to screening or scoping or appraisal or decision on the application shall make the application liable for rejection, and cancellation of prior environmental clearance granted on that basis.

What useful purpose will be served by taking up review of compliance of conditions of Environmental Clearance by the Expert Appraisal Committee, which is a party for recommending E C based on incorrect / misleading reports/ information? It will only result in further delay.


 Swift and Decisive Action


The E.C granted to Bhavanapadu TPP at the present location, based on incorrect reports as observed by NEAA,, be cancelled by MOEF which is the Regulatory Authority, after giving a personal hearing to the Project Proponent, and following the principles of natural justice, with out delaying further by going through the process of Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) Meeting which has become irrelevant now.

 The G.O.Ms.No. 1108 of 15-09-2008 allotting Govt Wetlands to the project be cancelled by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, in compliance with Hon'ble Supreme Court Judgment dated 28, January, 2011 in Civil Appeal No.1132/2011 with regard to Common Lands.   

Necessary penal action be considered & initiated in accordance with Sections 15, 17 and 19 of The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, against the Officials responsible for suppressing the ground realities & submitting incorrect / misleading  reports in respect of Power Project at Bhavanapadu.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Invisible Hand behind East Coast Energy Pvt. Ltd ?

Asian Genco Pte Ltd ( AGPL) was incorporated in January 2007 under the Singapore Laws. The AGPL is engaged in developing a Power portfolio of Hydro, Thermal and Non-Conventional Power generation assets. The projects include three Hydel power projects in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim, one Gas based & one Coal based thermal power projects in the State of Andhra Pradesh and a Wind farm in the state of Gujarat. AGPL through its subsidiaries hold controlling stakes in each of the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) that are developing / operating the above assets. Asian Genco's board members and senior management includes very senior past policy makers, bureaucrats, sector experts and successful CEOs of large corporations with Mr. Vijay Kumar T V- as Chairman and Mr. Krishna V Tatineni as Vice Chairman

Asian Infratech Pte Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of AGPL and holds a controlling interest in Energy Infratech Pvt. Ltd, having offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Energy Infratech Pvt. Ltd,( EIPL)- One of the projects being handled by Energy Infratech Pvt. Ltd is the coal based 2640 MW Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Plant of East Coast Energy Pvt.Ltd (ECEPL) at Kakarapalli village of Srikakulam Dt. in AP State. The Asian Genco (AGPL) owns 51% of the Equity of ECEPL and the other partners are Athena Infraprojects Pvt.Ltd and Athena Energy Ventures (Joint Venture of IDFC, PTC India Ltd and AIP Power)

Morgan Stanley-Led Consortium To Invest $ 425M In Asian Genco-In the largest PE deal in almost two years and the largest in the power sector, Singapore-based Asian Genco Pte Ltd (AGPL), which has investments in Indian power generation assets and engineering services businesses, has raised commitments of over $425 million from a consortium of investors. The investor group, led by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners ( MSIP), includes Norwest Venture Partners, General Atlantic LLC, Goldman Sachs Investment Management, Everstone Capital and others.

The last PE deal of a similar magnitude came when Providence Equity Partners invested $428 million in Aditya Birla Telecom Ltd, a transaction that closed towards end of 2008. The largest investment in power sector so far was Indiabulls Power's $395 million mop up from hedge fund Farallon Capital and steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal's LNM India Ventures.

Source Website:

Invisible Hand behind ECEPL?

In order to find out the real people behind the East Cost Energy Pvt. ltd, who stage managed:

a) the allotment of Govt land right in the prime Wetlands of Bhavanapadu,

b) all the clearances required for the project both from the State and Central Governments in a record time by getting the ground realities suppressed, in spite of stiff opposition to the Project, and

c) who is managing the State Administration to mobilize massive Police Force to terrorize the villagers participating in the agitation against the project, resulting in killing of two innocent villagers and injuries to many villagers in the Police Firing ,

it may be worthwhile to investigate, if there is involvement of powerful politicians in ECEPL and the background and the source of funds of people behind Asian Genco Pte Ltd and Associated Institutions/Organizations and their Credibility. ?