Saturday, April 19, 2014

Don't Play with the Nature


Don't Play with the Nature !


Nothing in the Nature Lives for Itself.

Rivers Don't Drink their Own Water.

Trees Don't Eat their Own Fruit.

Sun Doesn't Give Heat for Itself.

Flowers Don't Spread Fragrance for Themselves----.

                               Living for Others is the Rule of Nature.


                         Playing with the Nature can be Disastrous


Monday, April 14, 2014

Myth of Jan Lokpal Bill !


The Delivery System of the Revenue and Police Departments in particular, at the Grass Roots (Mandal/Tahasil) level, is managed or mismanaged by Tahasildar and Police Inspector. They can either deprive or bestow the Right to Property and Life for a price unchallenged, particularly in remote rural areas. All others at State, Division and District Levels appear to be superfluous and wasteful, as they do not seem to be accountable for monitoring & ensuring that the Delivery Mechanism at the Mandal level functions smoothly & satisfactorily.

Unfortunately, the delivery systems, be it Revenue, Police ,Panchayat Raj , Rural Development, Tribal Development, Forest, Health, Education, Irrigation, Power, Roads etc. Departments, at the Mandal level have become the channels for draining out the public funds, meant for well intended projects like REGS, LWE, Rural Water Supply etc. The District Collector , who is supposed to supervise & govern the functioning and monitor the performance of about more than 50 activities /departments/committees , does not seem to have full grasp of some of them, leave alone controlling and governing them.

The painful conclusion is that the Delivery Systems at the Grass Roots level are indifferent / insensitive, unresponsive and ineffective. Secondly there is no Good Governance, particularly at the District Level--- Responsive, Transparent, Accountable, Effective & Efficient, and Rule of Law-- and Thirdly, there are no independent Regulating / Monitoring  Agencies which can act and function without the interference of NETA / BABU nexus. Without these, Jan Lokpal Bill will not make any difference and the Corruption will continue to spread like cancer, harming the well being of the Nation.