Monday, September 29, 2014

Swachh Bharat

One of the main factors for Urban Pollution and Unhygienic Conditions, is the Household Waste / Garbage / Litter thrown away indiscriminately.

What is Waste/Garbage/Litter?

We talk of "Throwing Away" the items that are considered to be no longer useful or needed- wrappers, plastic bags, paper, empty bottles/ jars / cans, used electronic/ electrical items & other items used in our daily life, the kitchen waste, left overs of food etc. One, who carelessly "Throws Away" things considered to be of no use, causes Littering.

The nature takes care of Waste Material what is natural (Biodegradable).What we need to worry about is the Waste (Non-degradable) created by man made items. No matter how small, each man made item leaves behind a trail of wastes at every stage of its Life-Cycle.

What is Thrown Away Comes Back !

The fact of life is that all we "Through Away" as waste, ends up ultimately polluting Air, Water & Soil, adversely affecting the very "Food Cycle" & Quality of our Lives. That is where this "AWAY" ends up finally. The Waste cannot be wished Away as there isNo Away.

How can we be Part of "Swachh Bharat" ( Clean India) ?

The items being thrown away from our households as waste, consist of Paper, Plastic Bags, Packing Material, Foils, Cans, Glass / Plastic Containers, Electrical / Electronic items etc. (Dry Waste). As all these items can be Recycled for salvaging and making new products with value addition, they should not be subjected to "Throw Away".

The old News Papers, Note Books & Magazines and used paper should be neatly stacked & stored for disposing off once a month or so. Similarly, all "Dry Waste", instead of putting into the Dust Bin, should be stored separately in a gunny sack or container and handed over once in a week / fortnight to the Person picking up the garbage. The electrical / electronic wastes should be deposited at the designated centers for the purpose.

Only the biodegradable "Wet Garbage" containing Kitchen Waste, Food Items, Flowers erc. - should find their way to "Dust Bin" for Daily Collection. This avoids the volume of garbage to be picked up & transported daily and the harmful Land Fills & Littering.

Let us do our bit for making "Swachh Bharat Mission" being launched on Birth Day of Mahatma Gandhi ( Father of the Nation ), 2 nd October 2014, a Success &Reality !