Friday, October 19, 2012

Energy Efficiency /Conservation Measures

  Thamaso Ma Jyothirgamaya  !
 In spite of achieving  impressive increase  of  installed power generation capacity from 1,362 MW in 1947 to the current level of 190,593 MW (as of Feb 2012), the country is facing serious power shortages and more than 40% Rural Households do not have access to power supply. 


Energy Wastage & Our Role ?

 More than 25% of the  Electrical Energy generated is being wasted by inefficient use and misuse by the Consumers. Each one of us, as  the Consumer have a Responsibility and Role to prevent the wastage and make a difference. All that we need is the change in our Attitudes, Lifestyles and Habits to minimize/prevent the wastage. 


How to Bring down Consumption / Wastage ?

* Avoid switching on Lights during daytime or use sparingly, by making use of natural light to the extent possible

*Last person leaving the room should switch off all Lights , Fans etc 

*Avoid Using Incandescent Bulbs which generate more Heat than the Light

*Opt for LED Lighting Systems when ever  existing lighting devices need Replacement

* Try to avoid using Air Conditioners during the Winter months 

*Switch off TV, CD Players, DVDs, Music Systems etc from the Mains instead of by Remote  

*Avoid opening the Refrigerator door frequently .

* Set the Thermostat/ Temperature Control of Refrigerator and Air Conditioner correctly as per the season

*Whenever replacing the existing old Fans, Refrigerators, Air conditioners etc opt for "Star Rated" replacements with 1 to 5 Stars. More the Stars, Higher the Efficiency & the Energy Savings.


Benefits of Energy Savings       

* Saving of one Unit a day means  30 units per month and Saving of Rs 150 or more a month

* Saving of one unit at our end means, 2 units saving at the Generating Station and lessor no  Power Cuts


               Switch off A  Little. Save A Lot

               Energy is Life. Conserve It.

               You Have The Power To Save Power

               Act Straight Away  & Make A Difference !


Imagine, What Happens with Fast Tracking?

 It is reported that a five-screen Multiplex, at the busiest Kacheguda cross roads in Hyderabad, was given the go-ahead for screening the films by the AP State Government , even though it does not have the statutory NOC / Permission from Hyderabad Police Commissioner. The Police Commissioner is reported to have requested the State Govt. for clarification on action to be taken or penalty to be imposed for violating the Govt orders/rules, against the management of Multiplex – M/s Gayatri Hotels and Theaters Pvt. Ltd.- in which the family of influential Congress MP is known to have interests


The same Congress MP's family was involved in M/S Gayatri Hytech Hotels Ltd. which started construction of  Park Hyatt Hotel in Plot No 8-2-120 164 etc, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, even before obtaining the statutory prior clearance of MOEF, in utter disregard and violation of the provisions of EIA Notification of 2006. When this was brought to the notice of the Prime Minister by letter dated 03-11-2007, the project proponent was rewarded with Environmental Clearance in March 2008, instead of initiating stipulated penal action for violation of the provisions of EIA Notification.

The other instance is about the proposed 1980 MW coal based Thermal Power Plant in about 1500 acres of land allotted by APIIC to M/s Thermal Powertech (India) Ltd,  in Polatithippa Village, Machilipatnam Mandal, Krishna District  having adverse impacts  on the Mangroves / Mud flats / barren lands in the Coastal areas of Polatithippa Village .After the AP High Court intervention by its order dated 12-09-2008 in W.P 177704 of 2008, the Power Plant was shifted to Nellore District near Krishnapatnam . Again, the same Congress MPs Family / Associates,  is understood to have been interested in M/s Thermal Powertech (India) Ltd.

To crown it all, the same Congress MP (Raja Sabha Member) was appointed as Chairman of Parliament Standing Committee (Rajya Sabha) on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests, in spite of vehement opposition voiced by NGOs and the concerned citizens against the appointment. It clearly establishes that violation of Law & Rules is a Rewarding and High Profit Business, instead of being subjected to any Penal Action and Risks.

 Environmental crimes often damage the community more seriously than the criminal offences of the conventional kind. Yet the Environmental Criminals get away with murder, because of their proximity to the Policy and Decision makers.

If this is the state of affairs now, can we imagine the extent environmental massacre, once the fast tracking of environmental clearances is brought into force by overruling the Environmental Acts, Rules etc. ?



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Supremacy of Economic Growth over Environment?


The proposed constitution of the National Investment Board (NIB), as an empowered Standing Committee of the Cabinet, under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister to facilitate "Fast Tracking" of big projects, is a clear indication of utter contempt and disregard to the obligations of the Government and is Unconstitutional. 

It encourages the economic system which results in the concentration of wealth and means of production to the common detriment and goes against the obligation of protecting and improving the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife.

Fast Tracking Derails Stakeholder Interests

The concern of the government to fast track the project clearance, serves the interests of the corporate bodies at the cost of environment and the interests of the stake holders who are aggrieved by the adverse impacts of the project. They are not even given a patient listening and are targeted by Water Cannons, Teargas Shells, Cane Charges, Rubber / Live Bullets etc,

Fast tracking of the projects does not work by ignoring the interests of the citizens , stake holders etc and the rule of  environmental law. On the contrary it works by only fast tracking the implementation of the laws.

 Accountability for Socio-Economic impacts of Environmental Problems?

The economic development with environmental problems is being fast tracked, but the socio-economic impacts of environmental problems, which are significant, are being passed to others, to elsewhere and to the future.

The infrastructure projects like Mining, Thermal Power, Highways etc coming up in the Forest land will have to comply with the provisions of the Forest Rights Act ( FRA) and the ones coming up in Fifth Schedule Area (Tribal Area) will have to comply with the provisions of the Panchayat ( Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act ( PESA). 

Any fast tracking of a project ignoring FRA and PESA by NIB will prove to be more of an Impediment than  a Stimulant to the Projects /Investments !